Without a Prince



AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER…….I love this line. It makes me smile and brings all the feelings of magic and wonder and Disney-love with it. The only pause to these words comes when I realize that they almost always address a girl and her prince. Which is sweet, but not always super applicable for all of us. *Looks to the right, looks to the left* Nope, still no prince that I want finding my glass slipper.

The men I have stumbled upon have definitely not all been frogs and they haven’t all been princes, but none of them have been my forever love. They were not supposed to be. The last page of my book did not include them in my Ever After. I haven’t read that last page & I don’t know what it looks like or if a man is even on it.… which leaves the question- Can there be a “Happily Ever After” without a prince charming?

Well yeah of course! Is that even a question? That is a dumb question. Come up with another one.

Okay, here is a better one- Will we ACCEPT happiness forever after, regardless of the handsome face with stubble beside us?

THAT is a good question. Because without a doubt there is happiness for ANY person, but some swat it away mumbling something about a curse and a kiss. In essence, saying “No, I will wait until my fella comes. I will lay in this casket and play dead until I am kissed! That is the way it works! Don’t you dare suggest that I could wake up on my own! Don’t dream of suggesting I can be happy and whole, AND alone!”

But I dare suggest it! You see, it is not any man’s fault if we are not happy. This is for the single AND the married ladies. Curse the prince who never came, or the one that did. Curse the frog you share a bed and children with, curse the witch that got in the way, curse the midnight or whatever you want, but no one else is to blame if we are not whole and satisfied.

The Happily Ever After in the real world does not always come draped in gold or sweeping us off our feet just when we expected it to. It comes with real life struggles and victories and savoring each breath. It comes in the shape of love given selflessly without expectation. It comes from knowing who we are and why we are here. And no man can answer that for us. Ever. They weren’t meant to.

So can we stop acting like we are cursed and start living like the princesses we were made to be? When God handmade us before we ever set foot on this earth, he had some pretty great plans for us! He had some pretty great love for us and some absolutely breath taking life to be lived! Lets not miss it because we are too busy waiting on & blaming the princes.



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