Inspiration · Nature



Everything is a story. Everything is a lesson in disguise. Everything is much more than what you see with your eyes. It’s like magic. It’s like a ripple on the surface of the ocean that only hints at the massive creatures below. To see, you must dive in. All the way.

Today as I sat by the window, I found a story spread out before me & I decided to dive in. I watched the trees waving their new green leaves in the wind. Basking in the sunlight and swaying as if dancing to the very beat of nature. I watched and watched and envied their peace. If only I could simply “be”. To breathe in the air and dance in the sun without a worry. To stand strong and serene, quiet but not alone. To brush against those beside me in joy of our closeness and celebration of our uniqueness. If only.

Then I acknowledged that this moment is just a moment. When the rain comes, many leaves will be beaten off and lay face down in the mud. Some trees will be struck by the wind or cracked by lightening. Some roots will whither, some limbs will fall. In the winter, the leaves will be gone completely and there will be greater distance between the trees, less elegance, less, charm. Less sunshine and very little waving and dancing.

Yet still I envy them. Because even in this, they will remain serene and at peace. They will “be” because that is what they were meant to do. They will grow and they will grow old, they will crack and splinter, they will burn in campfires and be written on as paper, they will multiply and they will fade, and through it all they will be useful and at rest.

And THAT my friends, is the story I found in them, the magic I witnessed. Not the sunshine, not the weather, not the life surrounding them, or the condition of the tree itself…but the peace. The steadfastness, the ability to stand strong even as the seasons change. To be calm because they are fulfilling their purpose. Whether it be in a hundred pieces or one massive, swaying force.

We as human beings come with a little extra heart and emotions and soul. Our lives are as unpredictable than natures, but a bit messier and more turbulent internally. We have so many choices to make and decisions to face and things to gain and things to lose. And we create chaos as we resist the seasons on every front.

We are afraid to simply be. The leaves fall and we try to scoop them back up, the rain hits us and we writhe in frustration, hide in terror. The sun shines and we are too scared to peek our heads back up. The snow falls and we shudder, we fight against our root system wanting to be anywhere but here. And unlike the trees that open their arms up to whatever comes and stay steadfast, we scream into the face of the changing seasons and demand better, more, something to give us rest. And so, unlike the trees we do not rest.

But what if rest comes from something unchanging, something that has NOTHING to do with what happens around us or even to us? What if lifting our arms up to heaven and surrendering everything to God, trusting Him, and accepting the seasons as they come, is the secret that nature reveals and we have missed? What if there is rest for us? Here. Now.

” You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” ~Isaiah 26:5


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