Our Abuser

Few things make me want to react violently. Things can upset me and I may withdraw and grow sullen but they rarely extract an outburst from me. But there is one thing that without fail makes me burn with rage & every ounce of anger that I possess rises to the top.

If you tell me of a child that has been abused, violently or sexually mistreated by someone and my teeth clench and my blood rises. All I want to do is rush in and fight their abuser with every beat of fury in me, sweep that child into my arms, pull them away and never let them go back even if they were compelled to. If I came upon such a moment, my calm hands would strike out in aggressive, intolerant defense of the child. The harm of a little one is something I have no tolerance for.

I was thinking about how God refers to himself as our father and even as a mother on occasion. Our protector and defender, our advocate, we are his little ones that he desires to protect,

People often think God is harsh in His hate of our sin. Why would He be so strict? Why would He say no to these innocent pleasures we indulge in?

Why? Because God is our protector and sin is our abuser. Our wrong choices hold us down and beat us into a bloody mess, they leave us just a shell of who we were. They trap us in the dark and whisper empty, sickening words of love that leave us with scars. We turn and see God’s eyes raging with anger, burning with hate of the sin that has mutilated and oppressed us.

When we see that, many say, don’t look that way, don’t judge, be tolerant like a good God would be. But his desire is to rescue us and he can not tolerate our destruction. He will always seek to redeem and save us from our molester, even though we might cling to the evil as familiar.

He is the father and we are his children. He wants to draw us into His arms and heal our deepest wounds. He will never be okay with sin because it harms his greatest treasures- us! But he will always be for us and our rescue.

So the next time we try to paint God as a jolly soul who condones everything, tolerant and non-offensive, who just wants everyone to do what they want, no matter what condition it leaves them in, maybe we will remember this & thank Him for not leaving us on our own. Thank Him for never being okay with us being enslaved. Thank Him for loving us so much that He would rush in and save us from ourselves.

Even God’s anger, even His commands are an extension of His love.


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