The Music Of Life

Have you ever listened to a song so deep, so strong and thick and powerful, that life suddenly pauses and all you can do is stop with it and soak up the melody? Like a Nikon lens focused on a flower, leaving the field behind it just a blur. All that exists in that moment is the flower that has enthralled you with it’s tiny pedals. All you hear is the beat and the waves of melody crashing over you. They carry you up into themselves and the worries and weight of life, the weeds and the rocks slowly vanish, not in reality but in our perception of them.

In just the same way, what we experience and see in life has EVERYTHING to do with our focus and perception. If our eyes are focused and ears turned to something so sweet and pure and breathtaking that all else is simply a backdrop to the glory, we have found a secret. THE secret. We have learned to see beauty everywhere and good in everything. Nothing has ceased to exist but something has become so far superior that all the rest appear thin in comparison.

Coming to know Jesus, not just as a historical figure, not just as a savior in theory or a name we were taught as a children, but as the very essence of life and joy, this is the reality that leaves all other realities simply props and backgrounds to His beauty.

If our lens loses focus on him, if the volume is turned down on the music, everything else will begin to materialize darker and starker in our eyes and that absolute glory we were just beholding will drift into the background of our minds, replaced by the realities of life. The false realities that say that “they” are all there is.

Friends, the flower is here and the music is playing, it is only our focus that keeps us from laying our faces to the chest of joy and breathing deeply and peacefully again.The


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