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Let me tell you a story of the woman I admire. Though years gone from this life, she continues to impact my world.

I remember as a little girl, sitting on the edge of my grandma’s giant king sized bed with my sister, talking and laughing and feeling very “adultish” that we were up past 11:00. My grandma sat smiling at our giggles as she cored and peeled apples for us to have a late night “snack”. We would then pray with her, give kisses and snuggle down under the big blanket for bedtime. After a battle of putting our cold feet on each other (as sisters do) we would eventually fall asleep.

I remember many nights that I would turn over in a sleepy daze and notice my grandmother at her desk with the light on. I would turn back over and fall back asleep. I would often ask my grandma the next morning what time she went to bed and often the answer would reveal that it had been hours after we had. I would admonish her for staying up so late, as she had to me at least a hundred times. She would smile and say she needed to get better about going to bed but there was always so much to do.

10996100_991371444220191_3334012413125895573_nNot until tonight did the full impact of this all suddenly hit me. My grandmother would spend hours and hours talking with me and my sister and brother, fix us dinner, help my sister and I get ready for bed, go get a bowl of apples for us to share, talk some more and then pray and often sing us to sleep. Not once did it cross my mind that she should be doing other things. Things important enough for her to stay up late doing but not important enough to rush even a moment of time with her grandkids. Not once did I feel like she was distracted or itching to turn towards her desk and stack of papers. Not once until today did I realize that it was me that kept her up late on those nights.

This takes my breath away. How her love and undivided attention could be so complete that I would never question if there was ANYTHING else she should be doing. I admit when I have a list of things I need done, when I have an agenda….well you better just get in line and wait until I get to a stopping point. But here stands in front of my memory a most beautiful picture of what matters most.

Those moments of talking and praying and laughing with my grandma were some of the sweetest memories I have. I treasure them now, even  years after she is gone. And had she been too caught up in all that waited for her at her desk, I would have had none of these experiences!

Think of the moments that will be missed if we put “plans” before people and “life” before love. Think of this woman, my grandmother, my inspiration and friend.







  1. Okay, tears streaming down my cheeks right now… i can still see the fluffy blue and yellow comforter on her bed. I can taste those Fugi apples… can’t explain how moving this post is for me.
    I have not thought of our “apple nights” with Grandma in such a long time, nor in the way you described. What a gift, Mare.
    Thank you for giving me a clear picture of unselfish love.
    In my little world of ambitions, goals, agendas, lists, and a smart phone to keep it all in my face- I needed those memories of a woman who always had time for us.

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    1. I’m so glad you read this one! It is our memory with her. I actually wrote this one a while back and when I went to post in on here, I was convicted by the memories again. She taught us a lot!
      Love you! Thanks for reading my blog!


  2. Tears and smiles………what greater gift is there in this life than people who genuinely know how to love us even when we don’t deserve it. They lead us to Jesus!

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