Inspiration · Sorrow · The Broken · Truth

Somewhere Close To Hell

I’m not here to make you feel better, that’s what drugs are for
One for the chaos, two for the pain, don’t tell me you need more

I wish that we would cry this time, ‘cause hearts are soft when wet
We can end this numb existence , or live it with regret

I want to make you sad tonight, there in your easy chair
One hand on the remote control, go ahead and leave it there

But listen to me as I speak , and watch the blood spill through
Hear the bones break like splinters, as if they belong to you

Close your eyes & let the bitter chill , slip deep into your bones
Cough until your hands run red , and know you’re all alone

Look into the cold eyes beside you, search for love again
See only greed & choking darkness, you’re just a means to an end

Breathe in the smell of death & decay , your brother or your sister
Watch them be born & waste away , try hard not to remember

Search the walls of your world for escape , aim your fists for flesh
Make water from sand, money from dust, try to close your eyes & rest

Dream of what you’ve never seen, dismiss it as illusion
Scream for all the others like you, swallow a bullet in confusion

And cry, cry, cry even more, now open up your eyes
You’re still at home, remote in hand, you’re not the one that dies

But somewhere she lies in an alley, a village, or a hotel
And somewhere his life is spilling out, somewhere close to hell

Heaven never forgets its own, but we close our eyes to pain
We knew, but it hurt too much to care, so who but us to blame

I hope your heart has broken too, I hope the numb is gone
And when God says who will go, I pray we are the ones.


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