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Is Mine The Last Generation?

Sometimes I wonder if mine was the last generation that will remember the world by the feel of it pressed up against us. I wonder if us 80’s and 90’s kids were the last to know the earth from up close and personal experience. An earth that we dug our toes into all afternoon and had scrubbed from our faces at night. A life that we raced after in the woods, screaming like wild banshees and baked under in the heat without sunscreen.

Will the next generations know anything of mud fights and bike rides and building forts in the trees? Will they experience grass stains and bee stings as a weekly routine? Will they lay on their back at night and watch the stars? Will they see the life around them for themselves, will they remember it by the touch and recognize it by the smell and feel of it on their fingers?

If ours was the last, I feel sorry for the pale faced souls of the next generation. If I could, I would grab them all by the hand (and the shirt collar if they refused) and lead them on a great hunt for grizzly bears in their back yard,  we would sail across the sea until we landed on the other side of the mud puddle and then we would collapse on the ground and breathe in the world. And we would remember it by the scent.

Perhaps ours is the generation to make old souls of the next.


6 thoughts on “Is Mine The Last Generation?

  1. Sadly funny that I was just telling my hubby how I used to love walking in the woods and now I am afraid of all the diseases that ticks carry; used to not worry about a little mosquito bite, but now it can carry deadly bacteria; used to know the sun was good for me in moderation, now not so sure with skin cancers so rampant.

    It is indeed a sad thing to see this place the Creator so intricately designed being ruined and used up…..but the joy lies in knowing Believers have a Utopia in their future far better than we could ask for or imagine! 🙂

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    1. I’m thankful for your comment. I began to feel a bit sad after writing this post. This world is not our home. We can pass down the best of what we have learned to the next generations, but in the end, our BEST outdoor adventures will be in heaven. 🙂 ❤


    1. I hope that you are right. And I hope that we as parents and teachers and care providers recognize the importance of passing down values and truths and faith to the next generation.
      Thank you for your very beautiful and hopeful comment.


  2. There’s a beautiful Afrikaans song “Sprokie vir ‘n stadskind” (Fairytale for an urban child) in which the singer-poet likens the tarred city streets to black rivers that the child will cross in his dreams to reach a small piece of sun somewhere. It always makes me unbearably sad…

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    1. That sounds really sad.
      One of the missionaries I worked with in Zambia was from South Africa and He played some of the hit music from there and it was breathtakingly beautiful…although I could not understand a word. His wife said they were mostly love and some heartbreak songs.

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