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God’s Invitation

I still get so thirsty sometimes. Thirsty for peace and to know that I am valued. I stagger up onto the porch where God sits smiling at me. My lips crack and bleed when I try to smile, I am so parched. I know He sees. I begin speaking and crying and telling Him how worn out, run down and thirsty I am, how desperate my soul is to be refreshed and soothed with a drink of His goodness.

He says “I know. I’ve watched you pace back and forth all day, inching towards my steps then backing away. I have had a pitcher of cool water for you just waiting. “ He pulls out a chair for me to join Him and pours me a tall glass of clear, clean water.

I say “THANK YOU! But I have to run!” and then I turn and I stumble away, dry and parched as ever. I leave unsatisfied because I refused to actually sit and accept the cup of water. Later I grow very angry with God because I went to him and yet here I am still thirsty and withering in dehydration. I say “I won’t try that again! He let me down!”

Was God not enough? Did He not have enough for me? We all know He did. But I see so clearly right now how in my rush and impatience to “get on with life”, I do not often come close to Him and just sit and be with Him. I do not pull up a chair and take the glass from His hand. I am thirsty….but I have a million things to do. I am staggering, yet I am determined to run.

God is never in a hurry. God has invited us to linger with Him, to join Him on the porch. To listen as He speaks and drink from the cup He hands us. We have only to be silent and listen to His voice, to breathe and let HIM fight for us, speak over and adore us.

We MUST do what we so rarely do in America. Be still. Run to God and pour our heart out, but then be silent and let Him speak. Close our eyes. Open our hands. Open our heart and listen. HE IS ENOUGH FOR US & He wants to tell us that WE are enough for Him. If we will just be still.


4 thoughts on “God’s Invitation

  1. Nice post. Yes we must slow our lives down, for it is only in him, that we live and move and have our being. If we slow down, and make time for him in prayer and allowing him to speak to us through the reading of his Word, we will be fed, our thirst will be quenched. But it is not a one-time deal, we must do this daily. Thanks for this post.

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  2. I wish I could “like” this post ten times! Such a great piece of writing about our relationship with God, and our all too familiar rushed pacing of life taking us from His infinite love and grace. I really wish more people took to heart how important this message is, and would honestly take the time to do exactly what you describe in this post. Thank you for writing this– it’s beautiful!

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