We Are Responsible (in light of the division, prejudice & death this week)

Here is the truth- our smart phones and tablets can inform us of events and public opinion but they can not replace the feel of skin, the smell of sweat, the taste of fear and the sound of someone’s heartbeat pressed into our life.

Feet propped up, soda by our side, we make judgement calls and boldly state our opinions. No one gets killed based on our opinions, no one lives based on our opinions. No one looks into our eyes and says “Come say that to my family” or “Come take my place in this story and make the call for me”. We have the easiest job in the world. We get to throw fire from our underwater castle, having never even felt the heat.

From this vantage point, we are removed. But what if the heat were to make it’s way into our life? What if the injustice and racism & prejudice and stereotypes were to step onto our doorstep and enter our home. What if we recognized the tragedy as our own? What if we took responsibility? You. Me. Responsible.

We will never gaze into the eyes of the men killed this week, black, white, law enforcers, abusers, offenders and abiders and some in between. It makes me feel so completely broken at each life lost and each loved one living without them. I want to scream and blame and rant & cry. But all I can do is pray and take a very deep look into my own eyes & what part I am playing. Because we all play a part.

I once yelled at my mom for rolling the car window up on my hand until I realized that I had subconsciously hit the button & rolled it up on myself. I was mad and blaming her for the injury but I was the one with my hand on the button. And I was the only one I could stop.

We are all so quick to blame but have we stopped to look at our own guilty hands tapping our outrage on our devices yet never reaching out to bring change? Are we lifting a finger to make an impact? If we truly care about each of these gut wrenching events, our care MUST look like something!!

What would happen if every person that has become vocal about the recent shootings, made ONE CHOICE to make a difference in their communities and neighborhoods? Just one choice to bridge barriers and to build life! What would happen?! I want to know!

Racism is real. Injustice is real. Hate is real for white and black and lower class and upper class, within the law, on the streets and all over.  Hate is abounding which means that the need for love is abounding! We are world changers simply by being lovers. Children of God who act instead of react. And we must act! For those who died and for those who have yet to live.

We WILL pass an officer this week, we WILL pass someone on the street, we WILL pass a neighbor, we WILL pass a pregnant teen, a white face, a black face, a million souls with heart beats. We WILL raise the next generation and teach others by our life.

We can make far more of a difference with ONE CHOICE of radical love over a million words of criticism.



6 thoughts on “We Are Responsible (in light of the division, prejudice & death this week)

  1. Wow. Totally convicted.
    I’m more comfortable (than I used to be) with just rolling along in my life and passing people by without a word or even a thought. Its safer (and easier) and doesn’t require anything extraordinary from me.
    You reminded me that i have daily opportunities to deeply impact other souls with simple acts of love- acknowledging their existence and their worth as a person- by doing something that says, “I see you, and I care.”
    God doesnt need me to do that for someone, but He gives me that privilege.
    Keep writing, sister!

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts and response! I have not been keeping up with this blog like I should and just read your thoughts and they kind of leave me convicted by them! Thank you sis!


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